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EZ-DigiSign is a service of EZ-NetTools, based in Rexburg Idaho.  EZ-NetTools, founded by Bruce Eckman, has been in business since 1986 when the company was focused primarily in providing advertising and marketing media services. 

With the onset of the Internet, the direction of the company turned to producing web application software that produced informational and ecommerce websites for businesses across the globe.  Since that time the EZ-NetTools website development system had published over one million webpages.  Each of these webpages are easily maintained by EZ-NetTools customers.  The EZ-NetTools web application and hosting system has a proven track record of stability with an incredible 99.9% uptime!

The digital signage concept was conceived by Bruce Eckman in about 1985.  The concept was called VidCube and designed to be used in malls and other public areas.  Kiosks  were designed to display the digital sign on large computer monitors and televisions.  The idea, however, was shelved while communication technology improved, computer/display costs dropped and  computers improved in speed and reliability.

EZ-NetTools Founder Bruce Eckman
Founder and CEO, Bruce Eckman

With the decrease in cost of LCD displays and advances in speed and stability of Internet services, EZ-DigiSign is now focused on dynamic digital signage solutions.  EZ-DigiSign technology is based on the proven EZ-NetTools website development platform.  EZ-DigiSign makes use of the Internet to produce and play dynamic digital signage worldwide.