Interactive Digital Signage (Kiosk Mode)Information Kiosk

EZ-DigiSign has added interactive touchscreen capabilities to our low cost, easy to use digital signage software. Now with the new Kiosk features, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Buttons or link text can be placed on a digital sign page, that when touched, will place the system into Kiosk mode and display selected information or more options. Virtually any number of audio, video or pages can be displayed. When left idle for a short time, the display will go back into sign mode and again play the sequence of sign pages.

The interactive touchscreen capability will allow you to reach your customers with specific information that will give them a pleasant experience with your business. One example would be a hotel owner that displays information such as local weather, local restaurants, news and local area attractions.

EZ-DigiSign Kiosk is fast and easy to use and can be tailored to fit your business needs!

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