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Quick Response Codes

Quick Response codes or QR Codes, are two-dimensional bar codes readable by smart phones with a QR Code scanning app. The scanning apps are available for smart phones such as the Android, iPhone and Black Berry. The information contained in the QR Code can be a URL, text or other data. They were developed in Japan and now used extensively Europe, but are quickly gaining popularity in the United States.

Smart phones were considered a luxury a few years ago, but they gaining popularity fast. Over 92% percent of the US population have a cell phone and over 50% of those are smart phones. Most keep their phone handy in a pocket or purse, so it's always available to scan a code. Codes should be placed where the viewer is able to grab their phone and scan the code. Using QR Codes on digital signage when people are standing to read or waiting in line can be very effective.

After the code is scanned, it can direct people directly to a URL by opening the phone's Internet browser. This mobile website can have more information about the product, contact information, a coupon or nearly any other information. The code can also contain an address, so users will have exact directions to the business. Some companies use the codes to make it easier for customers to sign up for a newsletter, follow the business on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for text message alerts.

EZ-DigiSign turns any browser based screen device into a digital billboard and QR Codes can easily be added to signage content. Digital Signs are often used when customers are waiting in line to order. They are often used in doctors office or other places where people have to wait for a period of time to be seen. They can contain information about the business, or be used for advertising. Hotels use them to highlight local attractions and things to do in the area.

QR Codes can be used on digital signage to engage the customer. People are much more likely to respond to the code if they are already waiting. The codes can be specific to each sign and to individual pages, so it's easy to track their effectiveness. Businesses are able to track when and how often specific codes are scanned. If a code isn't performing well, the business will be able to focus marketing efforts elsewhere.

And even better, EZ-DigiSign provides all the software tools and hosting for the creation and serving of effective mobile landing pages.

QR Codes, Mobile Landing Pages and EZ-DigiSign a powerful combination!

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