EZ-DigiSign Advertising Network


About the EZ-DigiSign Ad Network  

The EZ-DigiSign Advertising Network is an online marketplace that lets you buy advertising space across multiple digital signage locations, such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants and more.

Digital signage advertising is effective because screens are located where you have captivated audiences and the content displayed is delivered through the internet, making it engaging, timely, helpful and up-to-date.

Choose multiple locations and display the same ad everywhere or show a slightly different version which speaks to each location's unique captivated audience, while still maintaining your overall brand. The possibilities may be endless, but one thing is certain: Your message will stay fresh in the minds of your customers.

Digital Signage Statistics

A research study conduced by OTX, a global consumer research and consulting firm identified several compelling statistical facts that support digital signage as a viable advertising medium.
  • 63% of adults find that advertising on digital signage "catches their attention."
  • Consumers consider advertising in this media to be more unique and entertaining.
  • 62% of adults remember seeing digital signage in the past 12 months (similar to billboards, magazines, and newspapers).
  • On average, people notice digital signage in six different locations during their week thus intercepting attention at various locations.
  • 58% of people find digital signage more unique than traditional advertising.
  • 48% find digital signage entertaining.
  • 44% of people pay attention to digital signage which places them ahead of traditional billboards, Internet, mobile phones and equal with magazines, radio and newspapers.

"Digital Signage Advertising continues to capture a larger share of the out-of-home market, accounting for 34 percent in 2009, up 13.9 percentage points from 2004. Digital Signage Advertising is forecast to gain another 7.5 points by 2014, expanding to 41.5 percent of the Out Of Home market." - Katy Bachman (Adweek)