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GETTING STARTED - Do it yourself

Plan the Signage

    Using the EZ-DigiSign installation guide, plan the digital signage network.

Purchase the Display(s)

    EZ-DigiSign does not sell display screens but we have done a tremendous amount of research to help. Display Information

Build the Player(s)

    To build a player to work with the EZ-DigiSign subscription service, build a computer with the following recommended specifications:

Pentium Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz Processor
512 MB Ram
80 GB Hard Drive
High-speed Modem (Wireless, cable, or DSL)

Add Content to Display
Stock #:
    Add Content to Display

    Log into the EZ-DigiSign online software and add the content to be displayed. Free signage is available in the form of stock signage, template signage, or by using EZ-PageBuilder to build digital signage.

    If you prefer to have EZ-DigiSign custom design the digital signage, order above.

    Enjoy the benefits of your new digital signage. Our customer support team is available to help you with your digital signage needs.

Contact support at 800-627-4780.