EZ-DigiSign Subscription

The EZ-DigiSign subscription can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.  Login to your account and make as many changes as you want from any computer in the world with an Internet connection.

EZ-DigiSign Subscription Features

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  • Organize and manage play lists, messages, and promotional inserts.

  • Create digital signs selecting pre-designed backgrounds or upload your own graphics.

  • Create and design digital signage screen layouts, move photos and text around the screen using a “point-and-click” Web interface.

  • Manage account profile for content security and control.

  • Instantly update content across groups of digital signage displays.

  • Secure access to EZ-DigiSign online software through account authentication.

  • Add specific modules to display dynamic data feeds, such as news and sports headlines, and current weather.

50 MB Webspace Included with monthly service.

EZ-DigiSign Multimedia Capabilities

AnimationAnimated .gifs, and flash, make your message impossible to ignore.
FlashRepurpose your flash files into your Digital Signage. Play any flash file, flash video, or .swf file.
TextSharp, crystal clear text, placed anywhere on the digital sign.
AudioIncorporate audio with video files, and play mp3 files.
ImagesDisplay large or small GIF, JPG or PNG files.

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